RJL Drainage provides a range of drain cleaning services in Peterborough and it’s surrounding areas. Septic tanks and cesspits are also taken care of by our drainage specialists and we even offer CCTV Vans, alongside site surveys to inspect your drains so you can see their current condition. RJL Drainage also works with Anglian Water and Thames Water; allowing us to cover larger areas - including homes in London and East Anglia when need be. We specialise in emptying blocked drains and septic tanks for our customers; ensuring exceptional results after completion. Everyone takes their drains for granted, but when they do go wrong it’s a major irritation and financial burden for us – which is why RJL Drainage exists to provide Peterborough homes and businesses, with exceptional drainage services, all for affordable prices. 

 We go above and beyond our customer’s expectations, supplying our clients with a friendly, dependable team of drainage professionals who work quickly, yet effectively. A 24-hour call-out service is available for property owners who are in need of urgent drain flushing or inspection. RJL Drainage has even worked alongside C.E.S (Civil Engineering Safety) with past drainage projects. Our equipment has been professionally tested to ensure they pass safety regulations and perform to the highest quality. Although we specialise in dealing with septic tanks and blocked drains, our team can also remove a variety of hazardous chemicals including the removal of oil. No matter how small or big the blockage problem is, RJL Drainage is ready to handle it.

Drainage no longer has to be a financial burden!

If you’re looking to flush your drainage system or deal with your septic tank and are searching for a worthwhile team – then RJL Drainage will make certain your drainage problems are amended.

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Whether the blockage is small or large, we provide the best, available equipment for ensuring a fully flushed drainage system.​

RJL can guarantee homes the best, most helpful service of septic tank or cesspit cleaning - ensuring complete customer satisfaction.​

If you suspect a blockage or would like an insight as to what is in your drains or guttering; then we can provide you with  live imagery with help from our cameras.​

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